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 FocusOn Strategies  

 Founded in 2006

FocusOn Strategies helps highly innovative medical technology live up to its potential.  We help build the business approach and process to maximize value. 

Our Approach

Quantitative and qualitative data is always the foundation of projects. Collaboration with your team is accomplished through facilitated meetings often using structured conversation and brainstorming tools.  

Lise is the principal consultant on all projects.  You get the highest level of experience and innovation on your project

Specific resources for your project may be sub-contracted through FocusOn Strategies, and those resources may subsequently be available to contract directly.

Format of deliverables is determined in the accepted proposal.  We are flexible to price projects based on hourly rates or project fees.

All materials and deliverables are your exclusive property.  We maintain the highest level of confidentiality and will contract projects on our paper or yours.

Sales Process

Improving close rate and growing revenues


Company with a strong product concept in the infection control space experiencing a low win percentage and inconsistent performance across the sales team.  A disposable product, continued usage was key to growing revenues.


Qualitative and quantitative review of wins and losses.  Interviews and brainstorming session with top reps to identify trends and best practices.  Clarified the top issues for success: picking the right targets, identifying and calling on all of the decision makers and influencers in a what is generally a complex sales process, making product use a habit in new customers.  Built process and tools and had top reps pilot the new program.  Used these reps to train the larger team in the use of the tools and process 


  • 5 question scoring matrix to identify the best opportunities

  • Call point map/tracker (including key talking points) to assure reps called on the entire customer

  • Follow up process and report to involve the customer in driving compliance and making product use a habit


Higher win percentage in new opportunities, stickier customers with growing usage


Case Studies

Tell us what you are trying to build.  Let us tell you how we can help.

Personalized Consulting for the Medical Device and Biotechnology Industry


Providing the strategy, marketing and management expertise you need to grow your business fast.



Experience with start-up, development stage and established companies in a variety of medical markets.

All projects led by Lise Halpern, who brings the inspiration, creativity and experience to achieve outstanding results.

Consulting Experience


FocusOn Strategies (2006 –  2013,  August 2019 – now)

President, Founder and Proprietor  

Operational Experience


Vapotherm   (2013 – August 2019)

Vice President, Marketing

Vice President, Marketing and Clinicals 



BalanceTek  (2009)

President and CEO 



Haemonetics  (2000 – 2006)

Vice President Marketing, Patient Division  

Vice President, Blood Donation Business Units



Transfusion Technologies  (1994 – 2000)

Vice President Marketing

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