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Strategy Deliverables


Strategic plans need to provide both inspiration and direction to all stakeholders.


Identify the vision big enough vision to drive your company for years, and the roadmap that is actionable today.


We run a collaborative planning process with your leadership team, or we can build a clear cohesive plan from your bits and pieces.

 Fundraising Tools

Whether it is a business summary for an S1, a fundraising deck for VCs, or simply an update for your current investors the story needs to be easy to understand and remember.  


We can help create the documents that sell the company, and articulate how the company will succeed.

Decision Analysis

Every business faces critical business decisions such as how and when to raise funds, which market to pursue first or whether to invest in an acquisition or new development project.


We can be the outside eyes to provide the analysis and perspective to help you make the right decision at the right time.


Risk identified early is a powerful tool. 


By understanding which risks are the most real, and the most dangerous,  you can build contingencies and mitigations into the plan. 


Our process helps you uncover the hidden critical risks and assumptions, and build the mitigations and contingency planning to assure success.

Innovation Informed by Experience

Request a Proposal

Our process and deliverables are always customized to the needs of your particular project.  We can collaborate and facilitate a process with your team or work independently.  Proposals always include a discussion of the approach for your particular process.  Tell us what you need, and we wil tell you how we can help.

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