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Introducing our law firm

 FocusOn Strategies  


breakthrough innovation


sustainable high growth



Informed by Experience

Expertise in developing strategic plans, evaluating business development opportunities, creating fundraising materials, commercializing new products, and building sales channels and corporate infrastructure to assure success.  


Clients in orthopedics, neurology, surgical tools, infection control, respiratory, physical therapy, regenerative medicine and blood banking space. 


Customized approach to meet your needs, and strong ties to other experts in the field.


Chess Game


A powerful and clearly articulated vision and strategy is essential for building sustainable growth. 

Priorities, decisions and action plans all become easier with a strong, simple vision and strategy.

A clearly articulated strategic plan tells all stakeholders exactly who you are and why you will win.

Roofers at Work


Efficient and effective commercial channels are critical to consistent sales success. 


You need the right channel structure to fit the opportunity and the company, and the right sales process to fit the team and the product.

At the Supermarket

Go to Market

Med Tech companies need to adapt to the  seismic shift in the hospital buying process


Hospital and payer consolidation, evidence based medicine, patient discretionary spend, and the digital information revolution present both challenges and opportunities. 


You need to sell the way your customers want to buy.

"It's fun to do the impossible"

Walt Disney


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