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The Missionary Sale

Selling a new medical technology against standard medical practice is a special exercise in market creation. Like missionaries, breakthrough med-tech needs to sell a new world view to the non-believer who is happy in their current belief system. Changing the standard of care takes both evangelical passion and a relentless methodical approach.

Spreading the Word

Having a new blockbuster technology is great, but you will never gain converts if they don’t hear the word. Missionaries used to knock on doors and preach in town squares, now they broadcast the word on radio, TV and the internet. Clinicians used to hear about new technology form sales reps and advertisements, now it is likely social media, e-journals, webinars, blog posts and YouTube. Create the e-environment where clinicians will discover your technology for themselves. Build credibility with real data, case studies, education and peer endorsements.

Building the Church

Converting the “Oh Wow” to permanent product placements requires a sophisticated sales approach, including the tools, skills and capabilities to create long-term “happy” customers. In today’s complex hospital market this means helping customers negotiate their own buying process, and then assuring they experience success and promised clinical outcomes. Helping change practice means helping change protocols, guidelines, and daily habits through education, training and support.

Key elements of the med-tech missionary sale:

Identify the right customer

  • Canvass market for early adopters – target the segment who has a particular pain

  • Generate leads through effective inbound promotion – create an environment where prospects reach out to you

  • Understand who is likely to adopt – screen leads for likelihood of success – nurture the not yet ready

Sell to the whole customer

  • Speak to the clinical and economic value with a simple clear story

  • Identify all functions involved in the buying decision

  • Customize messaging to the concerns of each function, including those less interested in the “oh wow” (e.g. administration, purchasing and biomedical engineering).

Avoid the common success stoppers

  • Prevent eternal evaluations

  • Don’t get lost in hospital committees or approval processes

  • Provide flexible pricing plans to address hospital financial guidelines

  • Measure compliance to assure adoption, and educate to grow usage

Want some help with your missionary sales process? Contact FocusOn Strategies.

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